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You know you need to be prepared for the day when a social media site crashes (and of course it will happen) and you lose everything. Or when you have to quickly find that one particular Facebook wall post or Tweet from 8 months ago.

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  • Worried about curse words or other flames posted to your social media? We can notify you when someone posts something prohibited to your Facebook Wall (such as a curse word or your competitor's name). You'll get a quick email and text message whenever a "Hot Word" is posted to your wall.

    It's true: We've thought of everything.

    We have customers of all sizes, from individuals to small businesses and big BIG firms. No Limits on the size of your archives. Safety: 256-bit SSL Security.

  • We're there for you with real answers. Sure we have a FAQ section and a guide for getting started but realize you may questions that might not be covered yet. Send us a note to and you'll get a real answer from a real person within a few hours. We want satisfied customers, period.

  • Sign up today and start searching your social media from Day 1. Or just sit back and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts are archived safely and securely. (No, we don't modify, view, open or use your files in any way. We don't sell your personal or contact information either.